TripleOne Harnesses the Power of Unity to Bring Out the Best of Working in a Community

When we see the abiding regularity of the seasons, when we see cause and effect in action, when we see the tides rise and fall, under the command of the moonlight, what do we see? We see ‘coordination.’ Humans, a very long time ago, discovered the coordinated movements in nature and observed its reflection in their own minds. The result was the world as we know it today. Although we as humans fully understand the value of coordinated efforts, collaboration, and harmony, it is seldom easy to reach the ideals of human unity in common everyday life.

Artist and entrepreneur James William Awad keeps a busy schedule, and there’s no time in it for people’s problems. Known as Senior Musician in the music world, James William has put together a strategy that helps his team work together in unity. Here, he shares a few insights on how he uses the power of coordinated efforts to bring in a positive upbeat vibe in his community.

“A well-coordinated effort is a piece of art. When we look at the many intricate parts of a clock working in perfect coordination, we derive joy from it. Most importantly, we get to know the correct time. When we listen to a well-conducted choir, we enjoy the beauty of harmony. I encourage my team to not lose focus of the big outcome that comes out of their little coordinated efforts. The trouble starts when one gets caught in their job, not giving enough thought to the process,” says the founder of TripleOne (111).

“Having a blueprint of the processes being followed in the organization put up prominently in the workplace is a good way to show members where exactly they are and how their role helps in the overall outcome,” adds Senior.

“The most overlooked thing in the world is human unity. It is there. We simply refuse to see it and acknowledge it. If you look at the crazy way in which the world works, it is a miracle that one can have a normal life – job, career, friends, and so on. We’re all connected at a very deep level. It is to this connection that I direct the attention of my teammates. When people see that they’re truly united in many ways, the results of their efforts undergo a huge transformation.”

In a competitive world, maintaining team unity is a big challenge. As a team leader, influencer, and artist, James William Awad’s outlook toward unity and the expression of his values in his work and workplace is truly an inspiration to many.

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