Quiana Watson Is The Gifted Black Woman Dominating Real Estate In Atlanta

Meet Quiana Watson, who quickly became a successful entrepreneur when she left her job and become a realtor. Now, she is making headlines for being casted to join OWN’s “Ladies Who List: Atlanta.”

Real estate has been around since some of the earliest civilizations. In one way or another, the division of land and ownership of it was ever-present throughout much of human history. Coming from such a natural instinct to define what is yours and what is someone else’s, real estate has not changed much from its early days. Though the properties and market now look a little different, the essence of the industry is still the same.

However, Watson Realty Co is a company looking to shake up the real estate world. The company is quickly and cleverly bringing the business into the modern era, and because of that, they have become one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the Metro Atlanta area. The company itself is excited to continue its work, expand into new areas, and form more partnerships with other African American realtors.

As for Quiana Watson, her name and massive fanbase on Instagram and other social platforms will tell you exactly what you need to know. Placing an emphasis on authenticity, she shows her 235K followers not only the fruits of her labor in real estate and investing, but also brings them along the way to see what exactly it takes to get far as a Black woman in a predominantly white industry. Though not easy, Watson is making major strides and “Ladies Who List: Atlanta” is certain to propel her into new heights.

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