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Top Reasons Why Your Car Might be Leaking Oil




Oil leakage is the last thing that a car owner should ignore, as it might pose life-threatening risks of unannounced fires. Therefore, if your garage floor is leaving unaccounted oil stains, you must cut right to the chase, identify the probable reasons for the leak, and fix the same, without any delay.

Perils of Unchecked Leaks

Oil leaks, if and when left unattended can degrade the seals and rubber hoses, prematurely. Besides, even a sudden engine failure isn’t out of the question for unchecked leaks. Therefore, you should make oil checking a priority regardless of the issues you might run into. 

How to check for oil leaks?

While there isn’t a metric that specifically checks oil leakages, you can always resort to a dipstick to keep a close eye on the existing or receding oil levels. Besides, you should also be on the lookout for blue tailpipe smoke or an oil-burning smell, while the car is in motion. 

Reasons for Oil Leaks

Experts at Repairsmith highlight  possible reasons that can cause sudden oil leakages:

1. Broken Engine Gasket

The car engine is held in place by a gasket or seal comprising two metallic entities. In case the gasket is left unattended or isn’t serviced for long, the sludge deposits can erode the surface and degrade the sealant like capabilities. Once broken, the engine starts leaking oil.

2. Loosened Drain Plug

Located right at the base of an oil pan, drain plugs are subject to wear and tear if the car has been on the road for long. However, you can easily identify the same, as leaks caused by drain plug issues mostly concern fresh oil. 

3. Damaged Oil Pan

Dented oil pans are usually accompanied by oil leakages. The best way to combat the same is by taking care of servicing after the vehicle has covered a particular distance.

4. Worn out Oil Filter

It is common for the oil filters to wear out with time. Moreover, once the filter has degraded considerably, it is characterized by engine sputters, dirty exhausts, audible noise, low pressure, and poor vehicle performance. Besides, oil filter issues can speed up the leakages and must be fixed, stat. While you can consider replacing the entire filter, changing only the gasket is also an option.

5. Missing Filler Cap

Sudden jerks can misplace the filler cap which renders the oil compartment vulnerable and prone to spills. Therefore, if you come across fresh oil stains, it can either be a broken drain plug or an expected filler cap issue.

6. Accidental Holes

While we almost took every singular issue out of question, holes in the car can also show up unannounced, thereby contributing towards oil leaks. Accidental oil pan punctures, gasket holes, and holes in the valve cover are some of the more probable causes for sudden oil leaks. 

However, each of the mentioned issues can be avoided or fixed, upon getting the vehicle serviced by credible repair units. 

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