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Tips to Help You Host a Baby Shower By Mail




The coronavirus pandemic has affected the way we do just about everything, including throwing a baby shower.

Prior to COVID-19, you would traditionally invite a number of family and friends over for an afternoon of games, refreshments and, of course, the opportunity to “shower” the guest of honor with gifts.

Here’s some good news, though: COVID-19 has also taught us to be creative and flexible in how we approach life, all while rolling with the punches, no matter the circumstance. Baby showers are no exception. Rather than cancel the event, you can opt to host a “shower by mail” that’s still fun, festive, and fruitful for the mom-to-be.

To plan a baby shower by mail, here’s a rundown of what such a party involves, as well as some tips to make the event a success:

Baby Shower By Mail 101

Instead of an in-person gathering, a baby shower by mail asks guests to send gift cards to the mom-to-be. To make it a bit more personal, you can also ask everyone to include their favorite piece of parenting advice and/or words of support. Of course, if guests would like to still send a traditional gift, they’re certainly welcome to do so.

Then again, since shipping costs can be prohibitive, it may be easier to encourage everyone to send a gift card that can be used by these future parents to purchase the many baby-related items they will need. It will also be easier to tuck the gift card inside a greeting card that includes advice or warm words.

How to Word the Invitations

When hosting a baby shower by mail, still feel free to send out traditional invitations via snail mail; this way, the planning and special day will feel a bit more normal. Pick out or customize baby shower invitations that speak to this unique celebration, including details about when and where to send the gifts.

For instance, instead of mailing gifts directly to the parents-to-be, they could instead be sent to the host and then presented to the guest of honor all at one time (more on this idea below). As for when to send the gifts, know that most showers are given four to six weeks before the baby’s due date; with this date in mind, try to send out the invitations three weeks before the shower.

Consider a Short Zoom Party for the Card Opening Time

To help the baby shower have a more social feel, set up a brief Zoom party, whereby all the guests can meet via video chat and watch the guest of honor open her gifts. In addition to including the date and time of the Zoom chat on the invitation, you may also want to provide instructions on how to access and use the platform.

And, to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, limit the party to about an hour. As the host, you could perhaps present the mom-to-be with some balloons and a large gift bag filled with all the cards; then, she can open them as the guests tune in from their computers or smartphone.

A Shower By Mail is Still Special and Memorable

As you can see, you don’t have to cancel the baby shower you were planning to host for your best friend. Instead, try to think outside of the (shower) box and go for a mail-in version, along with an optional Zoom meetup. The gift cards and words of wisdom and support will mean a great deal to the parents-to-be, and if you’re able to include a short video chat, the guests will definitely feel like they’re part of all the fun, too.

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