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Pop Artist, Anna Azerli, Reflects her Versatile Pop Style in her Single, “Love for a Day”




International pop artist, Anna Azerli, has released her second single titled, “Love for a Day”, after the success of her maiden song, “Falcon”. The new pop single is a perfect mix of different musical elements and it can make any person long for love as well as affection in a romantic relationship.

“Love for a Day” has got many music elements embedded in it in a balanced manner. The pop single contains electrifying vocals, melody, and relatable lyrics to make any listener feel the true essence of love.

In her new single, Anna Azerli has reflected on her personal experiences that she got in her romantic relationship. One can easily judge the versatile pop style of the artist in the song. It is very easy to acknowledge how well different pop tunes are immersed in the single with a rhythmic touch.

This song is a perfect gift for people in a romantic relationship as it gives them an opportunity to feel different romantic emotions they experience while being in love with their partner.

Anna Azerli was born in New Zealand and she lost her parents at a very young age. After this, she decided to move to Berlin and finally settled in Milano, Italy at the age of 16. There, she enrolled herself at the Accademia Teatro all Scala to learn opera singing.

Due to the 2009 global economic crisis, opera houses got shut down following which she dived into the pop music world. Anna Azerli gained expertise in different styles of pop singing and she worked on her own form of singing by choosing pop/dance sound.

This international pop artist moved to California to excel in her music career. Anna Azerli was ready to be a part of a permanent show in Las Vegas that couldn’t take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, she is busy working on a reality show in collaboration with a renowned production company based in Los Angeles.

Listen to the pop single, “Love for A Day”, and gain more information about the artist by clicking the links below.

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