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The Secret to Fulcrum’s Success? (Hint, it’s the people factor)




Fulcrum Technologies is famous for having the most complete end-to-end Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) software solution with their CATS Product Suite, which spans field data collection to asset reconciliation to business systems integration.

They are also famous for having the world’s most powerful app for mobility solutions, which has helped tens of thousands of users track millions of unique assets.

But their secret sauce is what they should be famous for: their people, and the incredible amount of experience they bring to the table. And not just experience in building, maintaining, and supporting CATS, but a depth of experience using it.

As a Inventory Services team lead, Heather Geer’s days were spent scanning inventory at cell sites starting in 2005 – and those days could include running into Southern Black Racer snakes in Florida, riding RTVs through cow pastures in Virginia or snowshoeing into sites in Michigan. With all that to contend with, scanning the inventory needed to be the easy part of her day. After five years in the field using CATS Mobility, she was the perfect person to head up CATS Training programs and ultimately became the Customer Support Manager – since she knows exactly what her customers workdays are like.

Carlos Maldonado, who is Fulcrum’s Lead Software Test Engineer, has been with the company for two decades. After his years in Inventory Services using CATS Mobility in the field, and CATS CenterPoint as a data manager, his hands-on experience is vital in improving and broadening the product’s functionality in practical ways as well as fine tuning the product to benefit the end-users.

The gifted Fulcrum Principal Technical Architect, Chris Cushman, was recruited almost 15 years ago, after winning eight consecutive math championships. To this day he still deploys his beautiful mind to develop pragmatic and holistic technology solutions that empower ERP, BI, OSS, and WMS systems to have insight, visibility and control in a way never thought possible.

Lori Mendoza, who oversees major account customer successes, has been with Fulcrum for 15 years and brings 20 years of prior Communications Industry experience from managing programs at Verizon, XO, AT&T, Pacific Bell, and Allegiance Telecom. Because of her depth of knowledge, customer customizations, implementations, and ongoing maintenance are perfectly optimized.

Fulcrum’s CEO Jami Oster, who joined Fulcrum 10 years ago also came to the company with industry knowledge, business acumen and CATS expertise having worked alongside the CATS Administrator at Cricket as they expanded and built out their new markets nationwide.

These are just a few of the gifted Fulcrum employees who work tirelessly to make Finance, Supply Chain, and Operations executives into superheroes – and have for twenty years.

The customers are the ones reaping the benefit from that unique group, getting documented ROI from the Fulcrum ALM implementations. Companies from Communications to Utilities, Renewables, and Oil and Gas who need a successful ALM system should visit the good people at today.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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