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The Rapper Daniel Duminy wants to Perform LIVE for his Audience




Daniel Duminy

The rapper, Daniel Duminy, from South Africa is a unique artist. His accent gives his music a unique edge and makes him stand out among the crowd. The 19 years old young man aims to make relatable music for his audience so that the music he creates is remembered for years to come. He wants his legacy to live beyond his life.

Dan started his career racing cars and realized that he wants to commit himself to music only in 2018. He has been performing on stage since a young age but never had the confidence to think he can make it a profession till now. He has stepped out of his comfort to pursue a career in music.

The confidence to start working on his music professionally came to him when he started helping rappers and other artists in editing their videos. He made vlogs before he started making music videos. The confidence he gained made him move to LA so that he can make a mark in American market.

The day he hit 200 thousand Instagram followers, his confidence got renewed and he realized the move to Los Angeles was the step towards the best.

Currently, Daniel Duminy is working on an EP and an album. The details of the album are still under wraps. The musician plans on releasing the EP by the end of 2020 or at the start of next year. His album will have 12 songs. Additionally, he is planning a world tour. He dreams of meeting his fans and performing LIVE. He says in this way he will be able to return all the love and appreciation they have given him.

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