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How Alex Boro Helped Sneakerheads Prepare for the Air Dior Release with Boro Inc




Alex Boro

Alex Boro of Boro Inc. is known for his shoe resale tactics. He earns a lot back in profits but is also able to secure popular shoes for sneakerheads everywhere. If you were waiting for months for your favorite brand to release a new premium shoe, it can be frustrating when you realize they have sold out in the first five minutes after their launch.

Read on to find out how Alex Boro was able to help fans prepare for the Air Dior release!

What is Boro Inc.?

Boro Inc. is a shoe resale company that was founded by Alex Boro. The group specializes in stocking high demand, premium shoes at good prices. Many celebrities are also loyal to the brand and have high praise for Boro’s shoe resale company.

Boro was able to use his platform to secure hard to get shoes for many fans of the brands. Sneakerheads everywhere love him because he can get them what they want it seems like all the other retailers are sold out.

How Alex Boro Helps Sneakerheads

Alex Boro is always helping fellow sneakerheads get their dream pair of shoes. Boro Inc. uses a unique system where Boro can obtain inventory easily for his customers.

When Boro was 12, he started to check out the world of programming and began learning to code. Soon, he was developing bots and programs to help him build his business. The programs helped him secure hard to acquire shoes and after he sold his first pair, he invested it back into Boro Inc.

This works for any brand of shoe, or other product, that runs out quickly. Boro has learned how to use technology to his advantage to help him succeed in life- not to mention his ingenuity and knack for being an entrepreneur.

Air Dior and Boro Inc.

Like with any shoe release, Boro Inc. was able to help sneakerheads reserve their own pair of footwear.  The release of the Air Dior was originally supposed to be in April 2020, but was pushed back to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, Boro Inc. was able to secure inventory for waiting fans. Like with many premium sneakers, they ran out pretty quickly. Luckily for Boro’s customers, they were still able to obtain the product they wanted.


Alex Boro of Boro Inc., who is also the co-founder of the QuikTok platform, can help sneakerheads across the country get the shoes that they want the most. He uses special programs he made himself to secure his inventory and resells the shoes at a fair price.

Boro also has gained the attention of many famous celebrities, who talk about him in a positive light. Many of his followers are loyal to his brand and want to see him continue to grow. He was even able to help dedicated sneaker fans obtain the hardest to find shoes- Alex Boro is an entrepreneur at heart.

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