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’The Neighborhood Talk’ by Kyle Anfernee Simpson is guaranteed to keep you in splits




There have been many interesting blogs spread across the internet, but one that is sure to grab your attention is by Kyle Anfernee Simpson.

Blog is an online platform where a writer shares his views on a particular subject. Today, with the ever growing popularity of internet, there are an estimated 570 million blogs on the web, and its numbers are rapidly growing with time. In recent times, bloggers have become an integral part of the digital world, and blogging has almost become a kind of alternate or full time career for some. There are hordes of writers joining the blogging band wagon each day growing the blogging community manifold.

Many bloggers write content that keeps the audience engaged, each have their own distinct niche be it arts, home, design, finance, technology etc, but theres one which comes in a totally different bracket, funny that is. Kyle with his urban blog The Neighborhood Talkhas been keeping the audiences spirits high with his rib-tickling write-ups thats sure to keep you entertained. The Neighborhood Talk, has been covering all the important events and incidents that take place in the United States and has been extremely successful, the proof lies in the 34 million impressions that it gets per week with over a million weekly profile visits. It is already a talk of the town with many commoners and celebrities showing shades of favouritism towards the blog platform.

Despite it being relatively new, it has been featured on prominent shows like The Real on Fox, Wendy Williams, E! News and Dish Nation. The blog has even a special segment on Foxs Good Morning Atlanta. Kyle has appeared on Fox Souls new talk show, The Mix, where he has spoken in length about his blog.

Kyle and his set of writers make sure that theres lot of humour imbibed in each of their blogs, which is targeted for an audience aged 18 and above. Kyle had started this blog after giving up his full time job, and has come a long way since then. With The Neighborhood Talkgaining much attention and its audience growing by the day, its definitely going to be a household name in coming times.

Visit to have your daily dose of laughter.

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