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Beautiful Booties Is The Name Of The Game For Doctor Simon Ourian




When it comes to having a big round booty, most women have a simple desire: more. Even the world’s prettiest faces with perfect bodies to match have taken advantage of modern medical techniques to firm things up just a little bit.

The most desirable technique, known as the Brazilian Butt Lift or just plain Butt Lift, is a revolutionary way of body sculpting that neither requires the use of a scalpel, nor exposes the patient to potentially harmful chemicals or shady practices. This procedure has made its way to the United States, with Doctor Simon Ourian specializing on it at his exclusive clinic, Epione Beverly Hills. Among other famous beauties, Doctor Ourian’s clientele includes Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Lisa Vanderpump, and many of the finest of the Victoria’s Secret models.

Rather than relying upon the insertion of various forms of foreign implants into the body, Doctor Ourian artfully redirects surplus fat cells from other portions of the patient’s own body and settles them carefully into the area of the derriere. Small applications of the doctor’s own Nustem dermal filler smooths out the last imperfections and leaves his patients with the exquisitely full-figured look of their dreams.

Demand at Epione Beverly Hills is naturally high, but the doctor has extended his practice via the use of virtual consultations for the benefit of patients residing in other areas of the country and beyond. This allows men and women alike who are interested in the procedure to gather the necessary information and decide whether or not his artistry could be applicable to their own personal circumstances. In addition, Doctor Ourian offers a full line of custom skin care products on

To learn more about Doctor Simon Ourian and his fabulous non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, please visit for more information, examples and ways of scheduling a consultation.

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