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The French artist Richard Orlinski launches a suitcase with its iconic Wild Kong!




This Wednesday, July 8, the multifaceted French artist launched an e-shop on which he offered a limited edition of a Wild Kong suitcase. His first product, a Kong suitcase, is sold out in less than an hour!

The French sculptor Richard Orlinski is the best-selling French artist in the world. With 5 galleries around the world From street to TV screen, he made his appearance and brought the art to the extent, where it has nevermore been previously.

With his unconventional and untamable artistic creativity, this contemporary artist does not hesitate to associate his image with prestigious partners who give him carte blanche in his creative process and allow him to continue to push even further in his desire to bring art into our daily lives. Also, he has collaborated with prestigious brands for whom he has created several successful watch models. The artist has been in partnership with the watchmaking house Hublot (LVMH Group) for several years now, for whom he has designed several watch models, all of which have been a real success !

Each month, the artist will make an appointment for an online sale of an ephemeral new product.

The first product proposed, the full black Kong Kase, a suitcase with an innovative design.

Very soon, he will also propose figurines of his most emblematic works at affordable prices.

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