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Svakom launches new Connexion Series that will keep you Connected to your Partner




Svakom has announced the launch of its new products, with the Connexion Series. This series has five new products, namely – Phoenix Neo, Emma Neo, Ella Neo, Vick Neo, Alex Neo. One can use these products with the help of the Feel Connect App. The app is available on Google Play as well as the Apple store.

Feel Connect lets people connect with their partner as long as both have a WiFi or secure Internet connection. The series has products like vibrating bullet, powerful vibrator, and male masturbator.

This new app will spice up the lives of partners who live apart. In the lockdown period, this product seems to be more relevant when people can’t get close to one another. There are many new features in the new Connexion series like – Long-distance control, connect to 2D interactive videos, and webcam interactive.

The great thing about the app is that it gives people something new to do. Moreover, the Webcam interactive feature gives performers something to work with. Webcam performers appreciate the new feature, as this powerful APP function will definitely boost interaction with their audiences.

Svakom always sticks to its motto where technology meets designs. They always pursue care, elegance, fashion, and intelligence. The Connexion Series is a new launch in the industry and will take the sex toys industry by storm as it is something revolutionary.

The products in the series are different than anything ever made, and given the current situation of the world, the products are relevant. So people will be looking forward to enjoying the Feel Connect App and its products.

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