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TC1 Gel Is Leading The Wave in Fitness Innovation




James Cork is the mastermind behind TC1 (@tc1gel), the fitness brand that is revolutionizing the industry. TC1 started out with humble beginnings, the team behind the company got started in the fitness industry after running marketing campaigns for other fitness brands. After experiencing some success marketing for other brands, James and his team decided to start their own brand because they wanted creative control and the ability to become true innovators.

It was not an easy road for the team as they struggled to stay ahead of the ever-changing atmosphere of the fitness industry. The fitness industry is one that is constantly changing and adapting to the next big thing. James knew his team had to create a product that could truly stand out. That is when James came up with the idea for his revolutionary sweat gel.

The idea behind the gel was simple, create something that would help maximize an athlete’s workout without being too complicated or difficult to apply. After months of research and prototyping, the team created what is now known as their signature sweat ignition gel. The gel is extremely effective. You apply it 20 minutes before your workout, and then while you are working out it raises the temperature of your body causing you to sweat more and it keeps your muscles warmer for longer, helping you get the extra effort in your workouts each time.

It took them a while to find their signature product, but as soon as this product was completed, James knew they found the one. The feedback they started receiving for this product was outstanding, and James knew it was time for them to scale the business. Luckily for them, that is what they were best at. Marketing and social media are where TC1 takes their game to the next level.

For James and his team, building a community of passionate supporters is the number one goal. And it’s safe to say that they have accomplished this goal or are well on their way. With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, they have successfully built the community they’ve wanted to build. And what’s great about their community is that it’s not your typical fitness community. Their feed is not dominated by huge bodybuilders and superstar athletes although they do pop up every now and then. Their community is filled with normal, everyday people who have found a new passion for fitness.

The philosophy behind their brand is simple, “let’s get people passionate about working out so they do it more often.” And they have built this philosophy into their DNA. By running daily giveaways they have successfully created organic, meaningful engagement with the average person. By creating products that are easy to use by anyone interested in fitness, they have introduced a lot of consumers to their world. Once you buy that first fitness product, you are automatically more inclined to use it. TC1 uses its products as a gateway to getting people to be enthusiastic about their health. When people see the results they get when using TC1 supplements and gels, they never want to stop. TC1 has made it easy for the average person to get meaningful results from their training. Combine that with the tight-knit, but welcoming community TC1 has built on their Instagram, and you have a recipe for massive success.

But it’s not all about selling products for TC1, they want to leave their impact for years to come. They want to be known for helping people become passionate about wellness.

TC1 has a lot more they want to accomplish over the coming years, including dominating the competition in the supplement industry. If they continue on their plan of outstanding branding and customer satisfaction, there is no doubt they will give them a run for their money.

To keep up with TC1, follow them on Instagram.

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