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Sahil Dahiya: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs with his ideas for Excelling in an Online Dropshipping Business




Understand the ways to build a successful online dropshipping business with the help of Sahil Dahiya.

Very few people know what they want to become in the future; some even realise this dream while they are in school or college. Sahil Dahiya has also been among those students who always knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. While other students were deciding on their next course, Dahiya chose to start a business after completing his 12th grade. What he didn’t realise then was the amount of money he would have to invest in his start-up, so when he needed funding, he chose to work as a freelancer, in the beginning, to make up the money for his start-up. He ran Facebook ads on online platforms & also worked in digital marketing. 

After gaining much knowledge from the field, he realised he could scale up his business to higher realms in the industry & so did he. Today Dahiya is one of the youngest guns from the e-commerce industry who is setting benchmarks for other start-up owners.

Dahiya draws out a few simple steps for entrepreneurs to build a successful online dropshipping business.

  • Know what your niche is: Any random niche will not get you to become successful. A start-up needs to have a sharp niche that you are genuinely interested in. There are many pointers that Dahiya suggests start-ups must focus on like selecting a niche that is going to be profitable; products must also trigger impulse buying by customers, sell something unique that can’t be found easily anywhere else.
  • Build an easy to use e-commerce website: At the initial stage you can use an established e-commerce website for your products, but once you see your sales increase you can invest in building up your own website which must be easy to use & friendly for the customers. Gradually you can also put in new technologies & innovations to keep up with the trends in the industry, suggests Dahiya.
  • Get the perfect supplier for your online store: To make an online business a hit, you must also select the right suppliers for your website whose ideas & practices match with yours & who can provide products/services of best quality & on time. Dahiya also points out that one must know the production capabilities of the suppliers & their delivery process, etc. to be sure of their abilities as all these factors would help expand the business.
  • Track all data of your customers: Without doing this you cannot grow your business, says Dahiya. It is imperative to track every single conversion to get the idea of the purchase cycle of the customer & what made them buy from you. Analyze what works for your business & what doesn’t.

These were some of the ideas which you can adopt to build a flourishing online dropshipping business which Dahiya learnt from his experiences. He wants to inspire the youth to believe in themselves & motivate them to start early so that they can discover the many opportunities that life can offer them.

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