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Tattoos and Motorcycles, Mads Kristensen’s Story of Success




When growing up, acting out and expressing your inner frustrations is natural, and an integral part of discovering who you are. Mads Kristensen is all but familiar with this, as he shows us that no matter how much of a troublemaker you were when you were young, if you work hard and dedicate yourself, you can live your dreams.

Born 1981 in Viborg, Denmark, Mads was a troubled teen, and after being thrown out of 11 schools, at age 23, Mads found himself a full member of the Hell’s Angels, a notorious biker gang known worldwide. He sought after the free life of these bikers, and found this to be his true first life adventure, leading him towards discovering what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

After leaving the angels in 2011, Mads saw an opportunity to launch his own business, and began down the path of entrepreneurship. Mads currently lives in Flensburg, Germany and owns and operates multiple businesses, including the largest tattoo parlor chain in the world, is a heavyweight professional boxer, and also operates businesses spanning from construction, bars, discos, and hosting fight events. Utilizing his network of tattoo enthusiasts, Mads has grown his tattoo business massively, and is currently operating out of Denmark, Sweden , Germany & Spain.

Through hard work and dedication, Mads has learned to be patient, work with people around him and now has a healthy and lucrative way to channel his emotions. Paying special attention to donating to charities focusing on the homeless, animal centers, and staying in touch with troubled teens much like himself, Mads has found a way to give back with his successes. “My success comes from working my ass off every day and never giving up, and also of course I’m not afraid of jumping into deep water and swimming with the sharks, in life you have to take chances…” says Mads.

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