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Successful Footwear brand MICHAELA V is taking over California




This brand is created by an established model and female entrepreneur Michaela Vybohova that has been in the limelight for a number of reasons lately. She is among the most notable young female founders who was born in a small town in Slovakia, moved to United States as a teenager and created a business from nothing while working full time as a model.

From the very early age of 16, she has had a keen eye for fashion and how it affects people. Michaela’s first entrepreneurial attempt was e-bay store where she would buy wholesale swimsuit, tweak the design and resale it for a small mark up.

After her first modeling contract, while traveling around the Europe and learning much from different cultures, she realized that the craft of designing shoes was her true passion. As a result, she launched Michaela V, her very own shoe line. These shoes are designed to offer both the elegance and the practicality needed by modern women. The shoes are carefully crafted with meticulous levels of detail. Particularly selected Italian leathers are chosen for the development.

Michaela is currently expanding the brand into new cities across US, a very small quantity of her current line is available online on her website, and thus, interested individuals should act quickly since there was no word on reproduction.

Michaela states that her inspiration for these shoes was the women of New York. She liked how they are able to exude elegance whether they are working at the office or at dinner plans.

With her works, Michaela hopes to empower other women and provide them with apparel that they feel comfortable wearing. She wants everyone to be at their best, and for that to happen, she believes proper clothing and accessories are vital. Her line of shoes has allowed women to get the pair that truly resonates with them, giving them the chance to feel more confident and flattered. More information about her current works is available on her website.

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