Shamus Goss is Helping Entrepreneurs and Businesses Build Excellent Online Presence to Boost their Growth

Shamus Goss is an entrepreneur who brings lessons learned over the course of a colorful life to achieve success in a wide assortment of professional ventures across multiple platforms. From his childhood, Shamus was presented with challenges, but through perseverance, he overcame and built success from the ground up. Excemplifying the American dream, Shamus started with little but through determination built a successful career on the merits of his own hard work.

When he looks at his work, Shamus looks past his own accomplishments and looks to his community and how he can help others. Two of his greatest strengths have always been his creativity and his compassion. His creative thinking has been a dominant force in his career achievements and his compassion has given him direction as he seeks ways to give back to others. He is proud to help the homeless in Atlanta through his H.E.L.P organization. Additionally, he leverages the knowledge acquired over the course of his career to help young entrepreneurs to achieve their best.

Shamus’ experience has presented him with the perfect framework to build from when it comes to exceeding expectations and leaping over obstacles. He is grateful for the opportunity to help others to break down barriers and create positive growth. Becoming a mentor to young entrepreneurs, Shamus has touched many lives and helped to redefine the career path of many who stand where he once did, looking with hope into an uncertain future. Always looking toward tomorrow and building on the foundation of yesterday, Shamus has demonstrated vision and leadership through the founding of several successful businesses. 

His work history is extremely diverse and has given him strong knowledge of how to run a business and how to market a brand. His career began at the age of seventeen working in the music industry. This early experience allowed him to flex his creative muscle and taught him how to lead. Moving to Atlanta, he brought these skills to careers ranging from apparel sales to real estate and digital marketing. It’s these diverse experiences that help him to form success strategies that work across multiple industries and apply to business professionals and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. He inspires those coming up in the business world to think outside the box and develop strategies that reach a global audience. Shamus founded Major Change Media to help businesses to build success through innovation.

Major Change Media maximizes business performance through the development of a high-profile online presence. As an expert in marketing who understands the importance of the image you show your customers, Shamus provides guidance to small businesses and start-ups to develop the best strategies for their individual brand. Through Major Change Media, Shamus has earned the trust of his clients demonstrating his dedication to excellence.

Shamus has shown leadership in many highly-successful entrepreneurial ventures including the management of an independent record label early in his career, the founding of one of Atlanta’s biggest team apparel stores, and his real estate business Magneto Home Solutions. Each of these has been a significant part of his personal and professional growth. Shamus continues striving forward seeking new opportunities and is proud to help others to do the same.

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