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Street Art and Graffiti Art are not the Same




Artists from across the world are finding it offensive if you use the term Street art for Graffiti Art. Graffiti art paved a way in the Streets of New York and Philadelphia back in the ’60s and evolved on a global scale since then.

It is a form of freedom that the artists express their voices in the streets. And it also represents pop culture. There are many references to street art movies and series.

Now Street art is on painting, on canvas even on posters. And more and more people are buying it. It is so because it changes the entire look of a home. And it adds a bit of edginess to the aesthetic. Graffiti art is a type of street art, and it can also be captured in a wall and canvas.

It is hard to differentiate between both. These types of art are called Urban Art. They are diverse and original. Urban art is becoming a culture, and street art is a subculture. It is fast becoming a cult phenomenon. And people are educating themselves on this topic.

One of the best places to check out urban art is Blue Horizon Prints because it has graffiti art for sale most of the time.

Street art is not an art that only speaks to the audience, but it is on your face. It screams and shouts and portrays the truth, which makes people uncomfortable. Street Art is loud and true. That’s why people are falling in love with it and want to add it to their home decor.

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