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Founder of Lucid Socks Matthew Conklin Creating a New Trend in the Fashion Industry




Born in Oldsmar, Florida, Matt Conklin has always had a passion for people and style. In 2018, Matt found a way to combine both passions and founded Lucid Socks, a subscription based sock brand out of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Matt Conklin has always seen socks as an everyday part of life. For most people, socks are just stinky pieces of cloth worn on your feet. For Matt, they are so much more.

Matt said, “Socks are a part of life, every time we get dressed, we reach into our sock drawer and grab a pair. We go shopping and may buy a nice t shirt and some comfortable jeans, but we rarely think about the socks we wear on our feet, they deserve to be shown off as well!”

After seeing a perfect opportunity to take advantage of, Matt went head first with his idea. He said, “When I started Lucid Socks in 2018, I dove in head first. If I could go back, I would do more research on who my target audience is, and the marketing tools that would benefit me the most. The first year was a lot of trial and error.”

All of the trial and error work during the first years paid off big time. The company has already sold 80,000 pairs of socks with special features like customizable pairs and bold designs. The main key behind Lucid Sock’s early success is the broad range of customers they serve. When we asked about who his target market is Matt said, “Lucid Socks is aimed at a variety of people. We have customers in the business world who wear Lucid with their suits, athletes that wear them to be stylish and comfortable, and your everyday family that wears them around the house.”

With the trend of subscription based businesses on the rise, Lucid Socks’ early success is just a glimpse of what a new and well thought out idea can do if acted upon. Within the next 5 years, the company plans to grow even more to be able to keep up with the high demand of their products.

You can buy your new pair of socks here:

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