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Steven Batash MD – The World’s Leading Expert for Non-surgical Weight Loss Procedures




Dr. Steven Batash MD is a specialist in Gastroenterology in New York. He has experience of more than 35 years in the field of medical science. Dr. Batash has more knowledge in gastrointestinal, rectal, and anal disorders than any other specialist in the Rego Park area. Dr. Steven Batash also has much interest in non-surgical weight loss technique that he associates with to benefit people’s health. He relates the process to be cheap, very simple with less recovery and waiting period, and does not insert strict daily routines to the involved patients.

Dr. Batash points out that weight loss is a standing issue for many people, especially for individuals who find it hard to get measurable results from a prevailing treatment option. Therefore, the primary goal for people with obesity is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. To achieve this goal, it is essential to seek assistance from health professionals such as obesity specialists, dieticians, and physicians who can understand and make appropriate lifestyle habits such as eating.

According to Dr. Steven Batash MD, “There is no magic drug to drastically reduce weight despite what is seen on TV commercial advertisements and in the back of magazines.” However, to get an effective weight loss program, you need to choose the best clinic to offer this service. Some of the essential elements considered include the treatment quality, nearness to home, and affordability.

One of the non-surgical methods recommended by Dr. Steven is ORBERA, which is a balloon treatment for obesity. The technique is useful in helping people lose weight significantly without having issues. It is used for adults interested in achieving healthy lives by seeking the non-surgical way of weight loss. This method’s procedure includes physicians placing a soft but expandable silicone balloon in the patient’s stomach, and then it gets inflated through the use of sterile saline water. Since the balloon occupies a large portion of the stomach, the patients get full very fast when taking their meals, creating a sense of meal satisfaction that contributes to weight gain control.

ORBERA weight loss technique is advantageous because it is not as expensive as when surgical procedures are used. The process does not involve the stomach’s stapling by cutting some parts, ensuring more safety. The process is ready for patients who do not undergo surgery. The balloon that is inserted in the body can be removed through surgery when needed. The method is simple and does not involve any surgical operations, and this builds the reason why it is becoming more prominent and globally approved due to its merits.

Dr. Steve Batash MD is also a professional in endoscopy, a special medical procedure that helps doctors identify the inner body parts without conducting a surgical operation. The process involves using an endoscope, a long and flexible tube consisting of a video camera on one end and some lens on the other end. The endoscope is usually inserted into the body through a natural opening like the mouth or anus. Dr. Steven recommends this technique due to its foreseen advantages, such as better results and less pain since no surgery is involved. The benefits are achieved if the method is carried out correctly.

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