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Social Platform Black Redeem Calls for Large-Scale Accountability and Reparations for the Black Community




The recent large-scale #cutthecheck Reparations Movement is one of the only significant calls for justice along with the Contract with Black America championed by Ice Cube, and the Black community has voiced out against a society rife with discrimination, prejudice, and violence. Some of these demands came into focus because of the initiative of individuals who believe that change will not come unless one asks for it. Founder of Black Redeem Nasiy Dabar Emiel Oz Ben Emmanuel is one such figure who has made it his mission to improve African American lives by seeking accountability.

Nasiy Dabar Emiel Oz Ben Emmanuel is the mind behind several cause-oriented institutions, including the Club of New Jerusalem Foundation (CONUJU, FDN), a venture that assists the Black Widow Foundation, the homeless, Israelite priests, and the poor. Moreover, he is a national councilman for the Buying Back Our Communities movement and, at forty-two years old, stands as the youngest Elder at the Friends of the African Union (F.A.U.). 

In 2015, this passion-driven and highly esteemed personality, who is also a National Spokesman and High Council Senior Member for the Nation of Yashurun, realized the key to solving the world’s infinite debt of crimes against humanity and began reporting on the way forward on his YouTube channel. And now, his most significant effort to date revolves around pushing for the utilization of the world’s wealth — a lot of it ill-gotten and generated from the slave trade that the country is yet to take responsibility for — to serve as reparations.

Through his online platform Black Redeem, Nasiy Dabar Emiel Oz Ben Emmanuel raises awareness of the magnitude of debt that America owes those who have been impacted, detailing the history of injustices that the country has made its citizens, especially the Black community, experience. This web-based avenue also acts as an insightful source of much-needed information on the steps to take. 

As the central hub for the Harvest Freedom Act, Black Redeem directs readers to an online petition whose establishment is designed to expedite this reparations law that aims to pay the poor and other victims of historical trauma. This act’s success would result in the administration of payments with the help of various welfare agencies. 

On September 26, a tribunal with members of the Congress will be held. Called “The Sentencing for Reparations,” this event will be live-streamed on YouTube and will be presented by the Club of New Jerusalem Foundation with Nasiy Dabar Emiel Oz Ben Emmanuel as the presider. 

Dedicated to translating its vision into reality by 2021, Black Redeem continues to urge people to take a stand and join in the call for reparations. And it remains open to any donations geared toward the funding of various projects benefiting African American communities. 

In the upcoming years, banking on the funds from the reparations and donations through the Black Redeem platform, Nasiy Dabar Emiel Oz Ben Emmanuel hopes to establish African American institutions, corrective measures, programs, public work projects, as well as 88 refuge cities and 40 embassies covering each continental state of the United States. And above anything else, he wishes to see a future marked by compensation and accountability. 

Learn more about Black Redeem by visiting its website and Instagram page.   

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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