Snapt empowers e-commerce sites to weather historic Black Friday traffic

With the pandemic’s impact on supply chain demands, many retailers and consumers alike are anxiously waiting to see if orders arrive on time. Online orders have already begun to ramp up, and the typically booming sales window from Black Friday to Cyber Monday looms on the horizon. With the continuous surge of online shopping since 2020, mindful e-commerce businesses are also asking: is our online retail platform ready for the unprecedented 2021 Black Friday spike to come?

 As reported by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), recent years have witnessed a significant uptick in online sales revenue across the global marketplace. UNCTAD found that such sales numbers rose 4% from 2018 to 2019 alone, and that was even before the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the online buying trends of consumers worldwide. Now, we’re seeing a widespread impact in both business-to-consumer (B2C) sales and business-to-business (B2B) sales — a trend that’s bound to turn explosive over the Black Friday sales weekend.

The Black Friday Rush

This year, more than ever, brands cannot afford to hide their heads in the sand. Very real disruptions are projected to hobble our global supply chain well into 2023, but that won’t slow down holiday shoppers.

Online retail trends of the past three years suggest that Black Friday 2021 will experience a potentially historic surge in online traffic. With consumers now seeking out the best deals online rather than brave 3 am crowds, conscientious businesses are hurrying to prepare their website and invest in robust digital solutions for holiday sales success.

Snapt Is Here to Help on Black Friday

Since 2012, Snapt has been the one-stop-shop for forward-thinking entrepreneurs seeking a flexible and cost-effective application delivery platform.

In layman’s terms, Snapt has the capability to improve any brand’s website stability, speed, and overall performance. It’s no wonder, then, that implementing the power of Snapt Aria enabled the website of payment facilitator IntelliMali to gracefully handle over 18 billion requests on Black Friday 2020 — all without any complaints or alerts from their system. Snapt Aria is just one of the various solutions in Snapt’s ever-growing toolbox, helping support companies like IntelliMali weather any online storm to Black Friday and beyond.

A Company Culture of Compassion

Courtesy of their partnership with Snapt, IntelliMali was able to persevere through the worst Black Friday could throw at them. And this is but one example of e-commerce businesses that have turned to Snapt for the expertise to keep their web-based applications functional and secure with next-gen scalable tech and services.

Snapt takes their partnerships with companies such as IntelliMali seriously, providing stalwart support and service from start to finish. With a value on their own employee culture and that of the communities they serve, Snapt promotes equality and cares about supporting worthy causes. 

It’s this brand of reliability and dedication that has allowed CEO Dave Blakey to remain not only passionate about his company but energized to pursue Snapt’s goals as a thought-leader in the industry, specializing in highly scalable architectures, cloud-native applications, machine learning, and AI. His visionary leadership enables his team to push the boundaries of scale and agility themselves. 

“Hiring the right people and expanding our executive team” is key to Blakey’s business strategy, which he says is also about “being proud of where we work and what we do as a core function of our business. Beyond that, even, people want to work for a business that cares about its responsibilities.”

Snapt works tirelessly to ensure that their client’s websites, applications, and services remain online, fast, and secure. This stems not only from the understanding and dedication of its versatile staff but also, as Blakey disclosed, “a mixture of research and confidence. We listen to our clients, we listen to the market, but then we are also confident enough to decide what is next based on our years of experience and practice in the field.”

Led by Blakey, Snapt is establishing itself as the most viable resource for the complex challenges of online retail, especially during extraordinary periods of traffic and demand. Now, with Black Friday 2021 on the horizon, e-commerce businesses can take their cue from Snapt’s clients and prioritize their web performance to make the most of the upcoming holiday sales season.

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