Kim Constable’s The Sculpted Vegan Has Opened a Niche Avenue for Fitness Enthusiasts: Here’s How

Health and fitness have recently taken top priority in many people’s lives. This is particularly true since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way most of us view and value our health. But while there is an increased awareness of the importance of taking care of one’s health as of late, people have generally always been rather health-conscious. 

When embarking on one’s fitness journey, one often starts with great enthusiasm. Charts are drawn, fitness blog posts are Googled, ambitious goals are planned, and so on. And these plans are great. They help keep us accountable and mark a clear path upon which we need to base our fitness goals. 

But like every journey worth undertaking, there will come a time when one hits a block or two on the road. 

Kim Constable, CEO and founder of The Sculpted Vegan, knows this all too well. That’s why she and her team created the first vegan-based fitness app that offers detailed tips and steady support for those who wish to go down the same road she took in her fitness journey. 

Finding a Place for Vegans in the World of Bodybuilding 

Kim Constable’s empire currently rests on vegan-based fitness and bodybuilding. This former yoga teacher had maintained a proper balance where her health was involved. At the age of 37, she won her first bikini competition.

Constable’s incredible journey first started in 2016. She had caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror and felt rather disappointed in what she saw.

“I was too thin. The only way to get the curves and tightness I desired for my body was to build muscle to fill in the saggy skin.” 

She knew she could do better. She knew that she merely needed to take the first step.

And so she did. 

Constable began to hit the gym. To her, it isn’t so much about the equipment one uses. What matters most is a person’s willpower. This, in turn, will shape healthy habits.

“The body adapts to the rigors to which you subject it,” Constable advises. “If you only subject your body to marathon Netflix binges, with copious amounts of soft drinks, chocolate, and chips, then your body will reflect that lifestyle. However, if you put in hard work, you send a clear signal to your body that you want to put on muscle or burn fat.” 

Soon after, however, Constable noticed an inherent roadblock in her endeavors. She started to realize that there weren’t many fellow vegans around her. She’d been a vegetarian for sixteen years and before she began her training, she went full vegan. 

But when she started her bodybuilding journey, she struggled. Her trainer wasn’t a vegan and found it difficult to advise her where nutrition was concerned. 

That’s why she founded The Sculpted Vegan. Based in Belfast, The Sculpted Vegan stands today as a fort for fitness enthusiasts who are vegan or simply wish to follow a vegan-based regime. 

The Sculpted Vegan’s Plans to Dominate Vegan-Based Fitness

Constable’s career was built upon plenty of research and personal experience. The Sculpted Vegan aims to reach everybody (non-vegans included and most certainly welcomed) through their online app. 

The app is born out of Constable’s recognition of the rising dependence on online-based fitness. Now that just about everything is taken online, fitness apps are found on every phone. It’s an approachable, convenient way for people to connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts online and to receive the appropriate guidance required for their fitness journeys. 

“[The app provides users with] the ability to upload different types of media, progress pictures, comments, likes, and shares,” Constable explains. “You’re not just pulling information off a bland website. You’re interacting with a like-minded community of fitness devotees. People who can motivate and inspire you.”

The Sculpted Vegan provides a wide array of services. From gym or home workouts that are tailored to match one’s availability and convenience, to meal plans and masterclasses, The Sculpted Vegan caters to everybody who wishes to take one step further to reach their fitness goals. 

Listening to Our Own Bodies 

Attaining our fitness goals isn’t easy. But it’s definitely worth it. 

At any point in our journey, we must listen to what our bodies need. Everybody has different demands. And our physical health should include our mental health as well. There are plenty of magazines parading the ‘ideal’ body type, but the idea that there is a ‘perfect’ body simply isn’t true. What looks and feels good to one might not look or feel good to another.

That’s why it’s important for us to do our proper research before putting our bodies through certain regimes. 

Constable herself struggled with this, being a vegan whose passion lies in bodybuilding. She now strives to guide others where she herself had to conduct endless research. For example, protein supplements are particularly difficult to find for vegans, and that’s why Constable relies on The Protein Works’ products and encourages her clients to do the same.

If Constable’s story teaches us anything, it’s that there are little to no excuses we can rely on to avoid achieving our dreams. Where there are no doors of opportunity open for us, maybe it’s time for us to break a hole in the wall and carve our own paths. 

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