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Single Father and Entrepreneur, from the Slums to the Burbs – The Motivational Story of Now Entertainment’s founder Tony M Fountain




The motivational story of entrepreneur Tony M Fountain is truly a gem. There are a lot of people who pretend they can offer insight, but most have no experience or are just copycats. Yet, through Tony’s life story, I have found one of the diamonds in the rough of truly inspirational people. His story of overcoming many obstacles has inspired myself and others all around the world.

The once single father of two small children managed to pull himself and his family out of the slums and into the burbs while at the same time slowly and meticulously building his company and resume. He focused all of his energy into excelling for his family but it was bittersweet as he watched others around him with less weight on their shoulders crumble.

Because of his passion for helping Independent musicians, Tony has successfully taught himself almost every aspect of the music business and is always eagerly seeking more knowledge. He has been able to help many artists navigate their way through, and further grow their careers in the cut throat industry. He’s worked with artists such as Bizzy Bone’s ex-fiancé Ranna Royce and Xpressionthemc who also has a song with the legendary rapper from the group Bone Thugs -N- Harmony.

He is what the youth of today would call “the plug.” His name holds weight from the states to overseas. His company Now Entertainment has hundreds of thousands of followers. Artists reach out to him daily for advice or for assistance with situations that their manager can’t handle. People worldwide consider him the definition of determination and his story of success has been shared all over the world in the hopes that it inspires others.

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