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Silvertail Associates Can’t Help You Protect Your Finances




Why Can’t Silvertail Associates Help Protect Your Finances?

Silvertail Associates is under review by Crixeo, the popular news and reviews site, for being a serious danger to consumers. Crixeo has connected the new web site to Polo Funding and Braidwood Capital. According to Crixeo journalist, Ed Miles:

Silvertail Associates is driving traffic to its website by putting up a link on a review site called Consolidation Loans 4U. The only recognizable purpose of Consolidation Loans 4U is to pump up Silvertail Associates.”

It has always been important to protect your finances. But with the recent covid-19 outbreak, safeguarding your finances has become more imperative than ever before. There are two main reasons for this. First, in the wake of the outbreak, several eminent financial bodies have warned of an impending recession that will be unprecedented in scale. Second, there is a rise in electronic fraud and identity theft. This should not come as a surprise since desperate people may resort to desperate (and illegal) measures in difficult financial situations.

Here is what you can do to protect your finances.

Active Monitoring

Always keep a close watch on your credit card and bank accounts. Look out for any transaction that you have not made. If you find any suspicious transaction, report it right away and freeze your account.

There has been a grim and disturbing rise in cybercrimes even before the pandemic. Some of the biggest companies have been hit hard by cyber-attacks including major credit card companies. To remain relatively safe, you should make it a habit to check your balances and account details once a day to ensure that there is no foul play.

This is a great way to protect your finances. You may be able to thwart fraud with increased vigilance.

Transaction Alert Messages

Request your credit card issuer and bank to issue a text message each time there a transaction is made using your account. Most finance organizations easily allow you to activate transaction alert messages.

Transaction alert messages can bring your attention to fraudulent transactions. You can dispute the transaction with your service provider and instruct them to freeze your account if you encounter any.

Beware of Scammers

To protect your finances, you should be aware of scammers. The risk of falling for a scam or a fraud is higher now due to the negative impact of covid-19.

You might think that it is easy to spot scammers, but they are now using increasingly devious tricks to defraud customers. Fraudsters are now able to use the same number as customer help lines. So if you receive a call from what looks like a legit customer service number, you should still be careful.

Smartphone Apps

There are now countless apps available for online transactions. However, online safety is a major issue with these apps. These apps could be compromised by hackers. Thus, you should use these apps to a minimum. Install the fewest possible apps from organizations that are trustworthy.

An app with weak security could get you into trouble very easily. These apps could present an easy route for hackers to your bank account or debit card. So make sure that you install minimum apps from reputable organizations only. Also, link your app to your credit card since it has greater safeguards than debit cards and bank accounts.

Save Receipts to Protect Finances

Always keep your receipts. Never turn down an offer for receipts from cashiers and ATMs. You never know how useful they can be if your account security is compromised. Keeping all your receipts in order is a strong measure to protect your finances.

Check Out Forbearance Schemes

Having trouble paying back your credit card debt? A lot of people are facing problems with timely payments on their credit balances. Thankfully, a lot of banks and credit card issuers are providing forbearance programs that could benefit stricken customers.

Keep in mind that forbearance schemes do not cancel debt. You will have to pay what you owe. But forbearance schemes can provide crucial benefits like cutting interest rates, extending your deadlines and waiving late fees among other benefits.

To protect your finances you can leverage these schemes if you are having trouble paying back. Benefits will vary between entities, so you will have to visit the official website to find out more.

Side Hustle

Many people have been laid off or have had their incomes reduced due to the economic fallout of the coronavirus. To protect your finances and help strengthen them out, you should try finding freelance jobs and gigs to earn some extra cash.

There is a lot that you can do online for extra money including online marketing, online tutoring and website development among other activities to bolster your income.

Curtail Spending to Protect Finances

If you found it tough to reduce your spending before, now is the time to get serious. You should cut down on all unnecessary expenses since these are unprecedented times. There is no telling what financial catastrophe lies ahead. Thus, you should try to save as much you can. Every dollar that you can save will provide you security during uncertain times that appear inevitable.

Spending App

To keep track of your spending, you should install a suitable app. The biggest problem with reducing spending is that people are often unaware of their expenses. You cannot manage what you do not know. The right app will show you exactly where you are overspending. Thus you should install this app since it will provide you with an easy way to track all spending.


If you never tried creating a budget before, now would be a good time to have one. A budget is imperative in these tough times to protect your finances.

You can make up a budget right away using nothing more than a spread sheet. So start listing down your earnings on one side (including both your regular income as well as part-time income if any).

You should also list down all estimated expenses. This can be much harder than you think. An app (as explained above) can help you with tracking expenses. Make use of the app to understand how much you are spending each month.

You should also set targets for your income and spending. This is your budgeted amount. Your goal is to exceed your earning target and stay below your spending target. Once again, the app will come in handy for monitoring your expenses and keeping them within budget.


You should talk to a qualified and experienced financial advisor to protect your finances. You will discover more ways to reinforce your finances with an expert.

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