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Shootime Alsaboory Challenges Coronavirus with its Upcoming Movie Titled “The Blind Eyes”




Shootime Alsaboory, a production movie company, known for its exceptional wedding photography services has got affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The global health crisis has affected the wedding industry on a large scale and the wedding planning sector is witnessing a huge loss. Shootime Alsaboory has lost a lot of weddings because of the Covid-19 virus.

However, it has decided to challenge the coronavirus by releasing its new movie titled, “The Blind Eyes” which is expected to release soon in 2020. The motive of this movie is to spread awareness about the increasing road accidents due to negligent driving. It lays emphasis on how distractions while driving are leading to a boom in the number of road accidents.

Raises an Important Issue

The upcoming film “The Blind Eyes” is made by Amjad Alsaboory and the filmmaker has admitted that it would raise an important issue prevalent in the society. It is an excellent utilization of this time by Shootime Alsaboory to bring a big change in society by working on a big cause. The Blind Eyes will be based on real incidents and not many changes have been made by filmmakers in making the film.

Working for a Big Cause Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

Shootime Alsaboory has faced a big jolt due to the covid-19 pandemic and its business has got affected a lot due to it. Currently, only emergency events are happening across the world, the wedding industry is not enjoying any demand due to it. Hence, the production movie experts at Shootime Alsaboory have taken a decision to work for a big cause that is affecting the world on a large scale.

Every day lakhs of people die in accidents and the majority of accidents just happen due to negligent driving. People don’t pay the necessary attention while driving and it leads to a surge in the number of accidents on roads. The Blind Eyes movie is an initiative to reduce the instances of distracted driving in everyday routine.

Spreads a Crucial Message

Amjad Alsaboory has expressed that most of the people don’t pay the necessary attention while driving. They attend a phone call while driving and sometimes they get distracted in a bid to adjust the radio system on their dashboard. It gives an important message to people to value the lives of other people on roads to prevent the cases of fatal accidents. NSW police force has also offered its support in making this film.

Distribution of Voucher to People

Shootime Alsaboory will give away vouchers worth Rs. $10,000 to selected people in order to help people affected due to Covid-19. Moreover, the wedding photography service will cover dress filming hair make up decoration.

Shootime Alsaboory has earned a lot of name for providing wedding organization service to its clients. It provides affordable services related to wedding planning to help people organize their wedding well. In its new film, The Blind Eyes, many actors namely Nariman Alsaboory, Sunny Prescott, Jayden Nashi, and Adyan Tarik Bene, and Ammar Desho are present.

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