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Shahn Donovan Has Built A Following Through Transparency and Emotions




In today’s industry, artists are often trying to play it cool or act unapproachable to their fans. On the other hand, Shahn Donovan is a singer from Maryland who is all about sharing what’s on his heart to impact others. Through this, Donovan has built an Instagram fan base of 50 plus thousand followers and a loyal YouTube audience.

Shahn Donovan could be classified as a successful musician now but this hasn’t always been the case for him in the past. He’s had his fair share of issues and even was on the brink of suicide back when he was 20 years old. Through this trial came his deepest song yet called “Heavy”, where he talks about the pain life can bring and how he perceived it in his mind.

These real releases have been what Shahn Donovan has built a brand around. When asked about his music’s inspirations, he said, “it’s been my struggle through life and the ability to share it with others and connect with other people through my music”.

With these motives in play, Shahn Donovan is eager to inspire even more people from the past and current stories. He is currently active in releasing music and performing in Live Streams due to a lack of live shows from Covid-19.

You can follow the heartfelt Shahn Donovan below:



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