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Semaj the Poet Releases Hot New Track “Lemonade”




Semaj The Poet is an independent artist that has taken his area by storm with his unique stylish and groovy sound paired with lyrics that flow like none other. Music has been an influence in Semaj The Poet’s life since his early childhood. Semaj grew up with his father playing the piano and got his love for music from him. Taking after his dad, Semaj learned piano and later took up choir and rapping in high school. Fast forward to today, and Semaj is one of the hottest up and coming artists in the hip hop industry.

“Lemonade” is the latest release from the young artist and is a certified hit. This upbeat, vibey song will have you caught in a trance. From Semaj’s melodic flow to the “groovy” beat, this song is the total package.

The endless days and long hours in the studio are paying off for Semaj the Poet. “Lemonade” is a testament to all the work he has put in during 2020 and gives excellent promise to an even better 2021. Semaj the Poet is someone that you’ll want to keep an eye on from this point on. He’s a star in the making.

Follow Semaj the Poet on Instagram here.

Stream Semaj the Poet’s “Lemonade” on Spotify here.

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