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Self-Worth: How Limiting Beliefs Can Make Us Feel That We Are Not Good Enough Or Deserving




People often miss out to measure their self worth in the quest of relentlessly planning roadmaps to achieve goals. Despite the fact our plans and accomplishments are aligned, numerous people still find it challenging to find their self-worth. While someone might blissfully accept the compliments and embrace their worthiness, others might feel more worthy amidst the social attention they receive. Global Master Coach Myke Celis, one of the fast-rising stars in professional coaching from Asia, says “It could be a long yet interesting chase to find self-worth and to fuel up the confidence, it could be a great story to tell others, about your self-confidence and self-acceptance. “

Celis, the powerhouse Unicorn behind the popularity of global brand #bestmeever, which is currently one of the most in-demand coaching programs for celebrities, top executives and successful people from all over the world,  is known for his optimistic approach and passion to create success stories of self-worth and confidence.

The celebrity life coach and best-selling author who’s now making waves internationally says: “Self-doubts can be crippling to a person and can prevent one from making sound decisions based on facts because he/she is overwhelmed by dangerous assumptions which made him/her lose confidence in himself/herself. I always say that you can never go and win a battle half-heartedly so you must be 100% present and confident to do so, to begin with.”

While his explained series of failures and hardships have weaved a better story to tell his mentees and coachees in general, Myke is one of the elite global master coaches trained in life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and timeline therapy, who personally recognizes every failure as a chance to get better the next time. “It is also good to see failures as stepping stones instead of big hurdles. Consider them feedback because there is no such thing as failure. For me, if you learned from a failure, you grew better and you are meant to be where you want to. Take it from me. Been there, done that.”

Being an expert in advancing life lessons to conquer challenges, become self-empowered and unmask one’s best self, Myke Celis has journeyed alongside a number of people globally towards discovering their self-love, self-acceptance, self-care and self-worth. “As children, we were like sponges, we just easily absorbed everything that was thrown our way. If we get to have about 80% of our belief systems intact by age 12, it is key to take a look at how we were raised. There could be multiple past experiences that one faced which can limit one’s beliefs and hinder personal growth.”

As a highly experienced, well-rounded master coach, Myke has been consistently teaching his coachees and mentees to turn around such hard times and tackle mindsets. His experiences as an international subject matter expert and resource person in leading media platforms from all over the globe regularly insist on being “secure from within”, knowing about one’s strengths to celebrate and weaknesses to outgrow them.

Amidst elucidating and helping many, he idealizes the concept of expert help in the quest of growing and building a new you, “At times, people have gotten so used to having their beliefs limited that they consider it their own ‘normal’. A coach can help one identify those and address them accordingly so that one will be able to live the life he has always wanted for himself, one he fully deserves. Do away with the stigma about seeking professional help. One’s happiness and self-growth will always be worth it. At the end of the day, you are the best investment you can make in this lifetime.”

Global Master Coach Myke Celis leaves everyone with this advice:

“If you are planning to hop on a self-discovery journey towards self-acceptance and self-worth, you first need to start loving yourself whole and treating yourself with what you deserve best.”

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