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Founder of My Time Recovery, Scotty Sample, is Making a Difference During Central Valley’s Opioid Epidemic




Everyone who has an addiction, wishes to break the habit. But it’s hard to do it alone. It isn’t wrong to admit you need help. Many places help you fight your addiction.

My Time Recovery in Fresno City, California, is one of the best Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment Centers in the area. Scotty Sample, the owner of My Time Recovery, is doing a fantastic job with this company.

It is a family-owned business, and patients can trust the My Time Recovery program explicitly. The Joint Commission accredits the Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment Centre. It is a licensed DHCS residential facility for detox and certified IOP. Moreover, it is also approved by LegitScript.

My Time Recovery program is not generic, nor does it only focuses on the physical aspect of recovery. The programs here are tailored and focus on the body, mind, and soul of the patient. Their approach is holistic rather than superficial.

They offer detox treatment, and the patient can stay 24/7 in the facility. Some on-call doctors and supervisors will take care of the withdrawal plans. On top of that, there are yoga and Art therapies to get you through a tough period.

Those who aren’t into complete residential treatment can choose day treatment. It is not as effective as residential treatment. But it depends on the will power of the patient.

My Time Recovery does not treat all patients similarly. They have various treatments for patients across every age group. Moreover, their treatment focuses on relapse as well.

Addicts often beat the addiction, but slip-ups can happen. That’s why the relapse prevention assures the patient and their family members.

My Time Recovery can bring about life-changing effects on addicts. Many have recovered and thank the organization for their kind efforts.

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