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Rueben Wood Helps Individuals Positively Impact their Brands, Music Careers & Products




Rueben Wood is an American entrepreneur who runs a consultancy firm to help people build global marketing relations & partnerships. He helps individuals to positively impact their brands, music careers, and products.

Rueben Wood is the CEO of SOM Entertainment from Brunswick, Georgia. He has also gained popularity as a chef, actor, director, and producer. He developed his passion for music at 7 and he went on to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta after his high school graduation to get his cooking education.

Rueben Wood hosts SOM Talk Live, an Entertainment and Talk podcast on 12 FM stations. In this Atlanta, Ga-based podcast talk show, he carries out entertainment and business talks. He has motivated and mentored many individuals from music, business, and entertainment niches.

He has good experience in helping people establish their brands without investing much effort or time. Rueben Wood mentors and motivates people to help them witness immense growth and retain control in their ventures.

While working with his expert team of more than 4 members, Rueben Wood has helped many individuals run marketing campaigns effectively. He has got over 122 satisfied clients with more than 99 success of works.

Rueben Wood believes that a robust business plan is necessary for starting a brand on a positive note. He prepares a personalized action plan after studying the needs of his clients to help them excel in the music, business, & entertainment industries.

The entrepreneur understands what exactly it takes to build strong marketing relations & partnerships in the digital space. One can easily take a free consultation with Rueben Wood by simply booking an appointment.

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