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RJB Christian School Leading the Way with Quality Bible-Based Education




Education remains one of the most vital factors in developing the next generation of leaders today. Taking that philosophy by heart, RJB Christian School is leading the way for educational institutions all across America by delivering the best quality Christian education and creating an army of youth that’s ready to transform the nation and the world.

The academic organization stands on the belief that students are the priority at all times. Consequently, RJB Christian School has thrived and grown through the years mainly through grassroots methods and word of mouth referrals. The school’s faculty and staff members commit to the highest standard of education that meets students’ intellectual and spiritual needs in their program. 

“We have served the Florida Department of Education as a supplemental educational services provider since 2006,” boasts the institution. “We served Polk County, Seminole County, Osceola County, Hillsborough County, and Orange County.” RJBCS started back in 2005, offering students the opportunity to learn beyond the four walls of a classroom set up with their dual-enrollment program with the University of Central Florida and other colleges and vocational schools.

RJB Christian School stands on the motto, “Changing our world for Christ, one child at a time.” The educational institution stands as one of the leaders in enriching students and their families’ lives through their Bible-based programs and curricula. The school dedicated their time and efforts toward building kids up in the principles of faith, discipline, service, and a love for education. 

The school also believes in the importance of unity in diversity. Their student body is diverse but treats all kids as equal. RJBCS provides a safe and positive learning environment for all kids, leaving no room for prejudice and empowering children through Christian values. The foundation of everything that the school teaches is the Word Of God, placing a premium on developing Christ-like character on top of academic achievement.  

RJB Christian School aims to develop not just the mind but the student’s whole person. They emphasize molding the heart and spirit, teaching children essential community skills such as confidence, compassion, and character. They aspire to develop children that will be successful and become a positive influence on their respective communities. 

RJBCS makes use of the Accelerated Christian Education® curriculum, a comprehensive Christ-centered program that teaches children meaningful life and academic lessons from the lens of the Word of God. The school also makes use of the Alpha Omega and A Beka curriculum. From pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade, students of RJB Christian School get every opportunity and chance to experience self-discovery and individual growth. The school pushes its students toward critical thinking practices, practical life applications, and the appreciation for creative ventures through music and the fine arts. 

Overall, RJBCS offers a well-balanced and in-depth approach to education. Their consistency in providing top-notch education and administration has made them a trailblazer and leader for education in Orlando, Florida, and beyond. The institution never waivers from its mission of developing youth to become members of society who will change the community through God’s Word and quality education. 

To learn more about RJB Christian School, and check out their programs, visit its website and Facebook page.

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