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Real Lessons in Real Estate From The Real Estate Disruptors




Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate has remained one of the most stable financial markets. Although much of the expected slowdown has been observed, the impact has been mild relative to other markets. Year-on-year property values continue to increase at a lower rate, though the market is forecasted to bounce back significantly once things normalize post-pandemic.

With this, real estate remains an ideal form of long-term investment for most aspiring traders, investors, and entrepreneurs. Even in the light of ongoing problems with logistics, a reduction in demand for retail and office spaces due to closures and work-from-home arrangements, and delays in rental payments due to financial difficulties faced by tenants, a survey done in the midst of the pandemic shows that most Americans continue to prefer real estate as their number one form of long-term investment.

Evidently, the real estate industry remains just as strong and attractive to investors as it did before the pandemic, and perhaps even more so as other competing markets weaken. This, combined with the pandemic-borne scramble for financial stability, has drastically increased competition. Compounding this problem is the slew of changes in the market ranging from global logistics and supply to changes in consumer demand and attitude, with rental spaces for warehousing and data centers expected to boom as e-commerce and other remote systems become more popular. In this real estate situation, the aspiring real estate agent can find great success as long as they know how to read, interpret, and navigate the drastically different and rapidly-changing real estate market.

Through The Real Estate Disruptors, Ralph DiBugnara aims to provide the help that these individuals need to flourish in the new status quo for the real estate industry. The Real Estate Disruptors is an online network by and for real estate agents, traders, investors, and entrepreneurs that aims to teach a comprehensive profile of real estate. The network aims to teach these individuals through the insight of experts from various backgrounds, with lessons ranging from essential real estate basics and specific market analyses, to modern lead generation sales tactics and social media-based personal branding techniques.

To further achieve this vision, the network will soon launch its own eponymous online series featuring stories from a wide variety of guests. The Real Estate Disruptors show prides itself on its honest, raw, and unscripted approach to featuring the real stories of top real estate agents. In addition, founder Ralph DiBugnara’s own background of rising up from his financially-troubled childhood inspired him to include the story of similar entrepreneurs so that the show may not only inform its viewers but also inspire them to reach for success despite their circumstances.

The Real Estate Disruptors will feature stories from individuals from various backgrounds, including serial entrepreneurs Luke and Jordan Lintz of HighKey Holdings, real estate leader Anthony Lolli, and rapper-turned-entrepreneur Randall “Sickamore” Medford, to name only a few. Through these, the series aims to deliver content that is equal parts inspiring, informative, compelling, and entertaining.

The Real Estate Disruptors show will be premiering on February 18th , 2021, through all major streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube, and their very own Disruptors Network mobile app, which promises similar content for free to all its subscribers. New episodes will be released on a weekly basis, making up 8 episodes in total for the show’s first season.

You may join The Real Estate Disruptors Network for free through their website to get exclusive access to their community’s branding experts and social media mastermind courses, as well as VIP access to all of the Disruptors Network’s exclusive virtual events. The network will be having its first launch event on December 17th and will feature three nationally-recognized leaders in branding, sales, and marketing. To keep updated on the network or their upcoming online series, you may also follow them on Instagram at @therealestatedisruptors.

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