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Ravoshia Seen Celebrating Her Birthday In Hollywood




Ravoshia was seen in Hollywood celebrating her birthday wearing a pair of big flashy diamond studded shades, the same ones the recording artist shared on Instagram. She was interacting with a small group of individuals. Although, Covid-19 is heavily impacting California along with the multiple forest fires, it seems the singer still stepped out to enjoy her birthday. Ravoshia doesn’t really share a lot of her personal business or activities on social media. On the flip side, the looks she’s been displaying are extremely fashionable and stand out as a true Fashion Killa as her hit record sings “I’m a fashion killa oh yeah”. The single is steadily expanding with millions of listeners tuning in on hit radio stations all over the world, especially in the United Kingdom, European and Canadian territories.

Ravoshia is on the one to watch list as she keeps evolving into a popular figure having over one million of streams on Soundcloud and with Fashion Killa’s rise up the ladder significantly. She is definitely “The Next To Blow” noted by Hip Hop Weekly a known magazine source in the music industry back in August. The music video for Fashion Killa has reached hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Moreover, it is playing on Germany’s OK TV via the The Chubb Show and not long ago it was announced that Fashion Killa surpassed 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Ravoshia is a trendsetter for the new generation with her innovative and creative projects making bold statements. RMPS101 also known as Mannequin Performance Style 101 is inspired by Fashion Killa and the short story written by the recording artist titled “Mysteriously Her Flames Burn” is based on the quote itself. In a recent interview, Ravoshia mentioned that there may be a push back with her next single titled Mastermind due to the pandemic. Many are anticipating its arrival, but a majority, including her fans will have to wait and see what happens.

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