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Rafayel Releases a New Single, “Flite Risc”




“Flite Risc” demonstrates effortless delivery of braggadocio punch lines and setting a standard for independent artists everywhere.

Rafayel is strikingly a threat… to whom ever who dare test his skill set. To his advantage, he possesses a technique that depicts his experience of 17 years, writing countless records of several genres and attempting to penetrate an industry ran on clout, gimmicks and antics.

He shares a personal ode to his father on this thrilling record and showcases the raw cunning abilities that can’t be faked.

“Flite Risc” showcases an uncanny ability to tell a generational story passed down from his father’s lifestyle to his very own. Collaboration project Entitled “Chemistry” with a female New Jersey MC who goes by the name of “Lady Ink” On its way.

“Flite Risc ✈️” Out Now.


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