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QuanDot And Mone 2Much Give The Fans What They Want With “Behind The Scenes”




One of the biggest challenges for many artists in today’s industry is consistency when creating music. Fans constantly are craving new music which QuanDot and Mone 2Much just provided with their project “Behind The Scenes”.

One song to highlight from the album is the first track on the list called, “Thicc Bitch”. The track starts out with a piano and guitar that creates a dreamy atmosphere, with the melodies creating a perfect pocket, QuanDot is able to ride the beat delivering a smooth catchy chorus. With everything flowing in sequence, Mone 2Much comes in with the perfect darker punch making the track suitable for the pop industry but also the streets. 

With “Behind The Scenes” being released and already racking up great streaming numbers, this collaboration project is one that will not go unnoticed and is exactly what both of their fan bases were looking for this year.

You can listen to “Behind The Scenes” album here:

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