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QT Bears Keeping the World Safer and More Comfortable




QT Bears came to life when the whole world went into a lockdown in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was quite unheard for a company to spring up at a time when many companies were shutting down operations. Olivia Carson was a visionary who saw things uniquely. QT Bears, the short form for Quarantine Bears, was established to help everyone around the world, especially children, stay safe and comforted during the difficult period of the pandemic. Everyone around the world started wearing face masks for protection against the virus, but it was strange for children, and it left them scared and confused.

Olivia thought to leverage this and create a business out of the situation. QT Bears started making bears wearing face masks, with an extra matching face mask for the owner of the bear too. On the one hand, she was taking advantage of an opportunity, and on the other hand, she was helping children to stay calm, comfortable, and more aware of the situation. Each QT Bear also has a handwritten note that contains tips on how to stay healthy and safe.

The major goal that Olivia set at the time the company launched was to find a clever way to tell every child that they don’t need to feel scared to wear a face mask. If their favorite teddy bear is wearing one, why shouldn’t they? There is also an Instagram challenge that parents and their children can participate in to show how they stayed safe and busy during the lockdown.

Olivia started her new adventure with only six bears in her possession. After more than six few months down the line, many people have attested to how much support they got from those bears, which have been shipped to hundreds of homes. “These bears have surpassed all of my hopes as they are helping children and families more than I could ever imagine! Everyone’s support has been so appreciated, and I have seen firsthand how these bears are helping people to stay positive, and it has truly touched my heart. Seeing how happy QT Bears make kids is what makes it all worth it! I hope that my QT Bears will continue to bring some positivity into many families’ homes,” Olivia expressed.

Olivia’s attachment to teddy bears stems from the unique sense of bonding that she shared with her father when he was alive. They both got build-a-bears and put hearts in each other’s bears. Her father’s bear is buried with him, while she holds hers tightly to herself every night. Her bear has comforted her many times, and she thought creating bears for others can do the same for them. QT Bear was recognized in the “Heroes Among Us” campaign by the Boston Celtics and Massachusetts State Lottery.

While Olivia had children in mind when she launched QT Bears, college students and seniors have also been accommodated into the target market. Anybody experiencing difficulties with adapting to the situation of the world during the pandemic can own a QT Bear.

As things return to normalcy gradually, Olivia plans to adapt her company to a normal world. She plans to go into teddy bear production and get her bears onto shelves of departmental stores and gift stores. “I will be exploring other entrepreneurial ventures and continue to help people in any way that I can. During such a negative and depressing time in our world, it is important to continue to lift others, and that’s exactly what my QT bears do. So, if I find a way to continue bringing comfort to others when the pandemic is over, I will be happy to.”

Learn more about QT Bear on the website or follow the company’s Instagram page.

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