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Poke A Bowl Provides the Best Way to Clean Your Ash Hole




Although ashtrays are the least interesting or aesthetic items to purchase, they are the most valuable and mandatory accessory that any serious smoker should buy. If one is smoking using a bowl or pipe, Poke A Bowl’s ashtray is the perfect companion tool. The company was founded by actor Creagen Dow, and he aims to elevate the customer’s smoking session. 

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Creagen Dow is a famous working actor known for his roles on Zoey 101, The Big Bang Theory, and the Geico Horror Movie Commercial. In 2012, he ventured into the cannabis business and created a functional ashtray called Poke A Bowl. The company’s product is an odor-proof, heat-resistant, pet-friendly, ash and resin removing ashtray with a lid. This product is a breakthrough among smoking consumers who have a hard time removing the ash and resin from pipes without making a huge mess.

As a smoker himself, Creagen knows how infuriating it is to not fully enjoy the smoking experience just because of ash that’s stuck in the pipe. The process of removing them on his own is even harder. “It’s a dirty process. It smells, and everything gets all over the place. My girlfriend at the time hated ruining her nails and other utensils while attempting to clean the bowl or pipe after smoking. No matter how you clean a bowl or pipe, you always seem to have resin on your fingersor nails, as was my girlfriend’s case,” he said as he recalled his past smoking experience. Trying to alleviate this growing concern, Poke A Bowl was introduced to the public.

Unlike ordinary ashtrays, Poke A Bowl comes with advanced built-in features that add ease and convenience to every smoking session. Instead of using bobby pins or paper clips, the company made sure to add the thinnest and sturdiest poker that can directly pierce through the hole of any bowl or pipe, even with a screen. This makes the removal of ash or resin easier. Plus, its cleaning spike is made out of a durable material designed to withstand up to 450 degrees of heat.

Design and aesthetic-wise, Poke A Bowl is convenient due to its portable size. No matter where users go, it can be an excellent travel companion. What’s more, its windproof design easily contains the ash and resin inside and isolates the smell from within. 

This innovative product has been so well-received by the public that the company won awards such as Stay Lifted Award for Best Product and Best Marketing. As a matter of fact, Poke A Bowl is number one in High Times Hot Products. On top of this, it has grown popular that it got featured in magazines, music videos, and Hollywood movies. For example, it appeared alongside prominent celebrities like Wiz Khalifa’s music video Mind of a Stoner, Kathy Bates’ Netflix series Disjointed, and Jack Black on the show Getting Doug with High.

Check out their selections of Poke A Bowl today by visiting their website.

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