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Photo Exhibition in Florence – Leonardo Glauso




Leonardo Glauso, an Italian Fashion photographer is going to organize a photo exhibition. Luce Nuda, the exhibition by Leonardo Glauso, will start on 30 October at the OnArt Gallery. The three-day photo exhibition event will take place from 30 October to 1 November from 15:00 to 18:30 at the address, Via Della Pergola, 57 / 61r, Florence.

The OnArt art gallery is presenting Leonardo Glauso “Naked Light” in the photo exhibition, Luce Nuda. And there is absolutely no fee for this exhibition by Leonardo Glauso. In this photo exhibition, thirty-three photographs of female nudes will be portrayed in natural and domestic contexts.

These photos will showcase bodies that express expressive freedom and a playful sensuality between strong luminous contrasts and symbolism. The Florentine fashion photographer is enjoying a glamorous photography career that every aspiring person aspires to have.

Leonardo Glauso has got a bold personality and he uses his skills to express himself completely. In his fashion career, he has shot for many popular magazines including S Magazine. In addition to this, he has published seven books with his own images and also established the international fashion publication, Resuer Magazine.

Glauso has chosen to display the nude female body to express his own style in a unique fashion. Born in Florence in 1989, Leonardo Glauso’s strong passion for fashion and artistic nude has helped him find the beauty in the nude female body. Now, the exhibition, Luce Nuda is also a part of his endeavor to express the beauty through female nude photos.

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