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Pharma Supply Chains are Required to Get Digital to Complete the Orders on Time




Drug manufacturing companies need to interact with a large number of suppliers because their operations are continuously increasing across multiple production, manufacturing, sterilization and distribution locations. It is creating significant visibility and order tracking challenges so the companies can closely monitor controlled substances and active ingredients.

If the present digital technology will not be used in the pharma supply chain, then the manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, shippers, and pharmacies can face significant losses.

Some pharma companies are still optimizing their business process from inside the warehouse, despite there being many warehouse sales order monitor software continuously evolving. Currently, pharma warehouses are controlling storage and movements within the four walls. But there is a need to look across the wider supply network that could include customers and vendors, and could enable signal to manage orders and operation on a real-time basis.

As digital technology is consistently growing along with mobile devices, it is possible for all parties to share critical information such as point of sale, shipment data, forecast with suppliers, advance shipping notice from customers and vendors.

Most of the pharmaceutical companies are still using centralized enterprise resource planning that connects parties through emails. The result provided by this system is very poor and points towards adopting modern warehouse management or sales order monitoring tools.

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