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19 inch TV is still the Best TV for Smaller Rooms




Today Television gives the audience an array of things like movies, music and lots of educative and informative programs right in the comfort of home. Television is a multi-platform device in the modern social world unlike the past, where watching television meant watching different television programs.

19 inch TV is the most popular one but there are various screen sizes available in the market. Thus people prefer having large TVs i.e big screens in their living area and smaller screens in the bedrooms. In the smaller screen size options, the 19-inch television comes at a cheaper price. It has all the features of bigger screen television like full HD 1080p resolution. It has dual benefits as it can be used for television streaming or as a monitor for personal computers. Most of them have adjustable frames thus when placed on a table the height and orientation of the screen can be adjusted.

The viewing distance for 19-inch television is 57 inches so it is suitable for smaller rooms like the kitchen, children’s bedroom, etc. Also, the resolution is one of the most important parameters for the selection of television. The most common resolutions for 19-inch television are 1280×1024 and 1920×1080. The former is called HD (high definition) while the latter is called FHD (full HD) and there is a little price difference between both and also more popular 1920×1080 television has a better watching experience.

The most common panel sizes for 19-inch television are 18.5” (resolution is always 1366×768 or 1920×1080) and 19”(resolution is 1280×1024). These parameters are defined by the manufacturer and they have very little viewing difference. As the curved screen is a relatively new technology, all the 19-inch television comes in the flat screen because with a small screen size, there is no point in making it curved.

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