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Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream from Boost Balm is an Excellent Option Available for Natural Skin Treatment




The cosmetic brand, Boost Balm has made available an excellent option for natural skincare into the market. It’s skin barrier cream, Pegasus Blood Edition, is made of natural ingredients and the use of innovative technology is made to introduce this product.

The idea to develop this product sprouted in the mind of a beauty enthusiast, Shazeema Shishani, when she got a grant at Halal Hi-Tech Challenge in 2015. She opted to create a cream that provides protection to the skin from the chemicals in makeup products and air. Over 3 years of research work and 1 year of trial was conducted before launching this product in the UK and the US.

What makes Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream special is that it only contains natural ingredients and plant-based products. This skin care cream acts as a primer for oily skin, dry skin, and other combination skin. And due to this, it keeps the makeup stick to the skin for about 10 hours. The long-lasting primer helps to brighten skin, lighten pigmentation, shrink pores, and offers natural acne treatment.

It is because of the presence of natural ingredients such as Willow bark extract, Geranium & Hibiscus extract, and Bearberry extract, etc. The use of innovations such as skin barrier technology and stem cell technology makes this cosmetic product all the more special.

The skin barrier cream creates an invisible film on the skin to offer protection against chemicals from makeup products and other pollutants in the air. The cosmetic brand, Boost Balm has also released many innovative cosmetic products in the world and it is expanding its reach at a global level.

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