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Omar Benchekroun, The International Concierge and Hospitality Expert




LA Lifestyle Services is one of the most elite and reputable concierge services that California has to offer.  Prepare yourself for a luxurious and professional experience fit for royalty. Our diverse clientele enjoys award-winning, world-class hotels and unparalleled opulence in fine dining, travel, and entertainment.

Our company was founded by Omar Benchekroun AKA  @mrbenchek, an expert in international concierge and hospitality.  Born in Morocco, Benchekroun developed an eye for elegance at an early age.  Ultimately, his passion became a career.  After successfully gaining extensive and invaluable experience in Morocco, Omar set his visions even higher.  He relocated to Paris, France in 2007 to further his expertise.  There, he became well-acquainted with providing first-class services in large, busy metropolises that receive travelers from around the globe.

In 2018, Benchekroun established LA Lifestyle Services, bringing his impressive skills and talent to the residents and visitors of sunny California.  He has successfully developed all of the major connections with local lifestyle experts, brands, and establishments necessary to serve his clients with an incomparable experience.  Thanks to his personal recipe for luxury living, it is something you won’t soon forget.

Relish in the benefits of Benchekroun’s remarkable international background and fascinating travel knowledge, while you enjoy everything his strategic network has to offer.  He is also very familiar with the cultures and customs of English-, French-, Spanish-, and Arabic-speaking nations. This enables him to deliver an even more tailored and personal service for his clients.

At LA Lifestyle Services, we embrace the rich ethical codes that have long been part of traditional concierge.  We feel they are an integral component in assuring an exceptional and professional experience that leaves our clients feeling safe and relaxed, and all of their needs and desires met and fulfilled down to the smallest details.  Your privacy and satisfaction are of upmost importance and the centralized focus of our work.

LA Lifestyle Services seeks to uphold the time-honored traditions and old-fashioned ways of concierge service.  Whether you’re in town for business, holiday, or anything else, you can rely on us to make your stay smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable.  Don’t sweat the small stuff – leave it to us!  We’ll book your local transport, arrange meals, book reservations, or even prepare a night of fun.  Whatever your needs, they instantly become our top priority.

Our impressive ability to comprehensively understand your personality, anticipate your needs, and implement the right moves to make you happy is at the forefront of our success.  And we do it with honor, respect, discretion, and professionalism like you’ve never before encountered.  Take a load off.  You’re in good hands.

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