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Nour Khodr: From The Voice To Content Creation Manager At Top Talent




The internet has created many new niches of success stories throughout its ever-expanding uses in society. Whether it be selling products or creating content, people are finding new ways to make money and accumulate popularity, especially through the use of social media. 

Social media platforms such as TikTok have become the go-to for content creators, showing tremendous potential for these people to earn money for their likeness. Of the select few able to benefit from this trend, Nour Khodr, a 21 year old native of Florida, has been able to bring them together. Khodr created a management team called Top Talent in which influencers are able to collaborate with one another to maximize their exposure and overall potential. 

Nour Khodr has been featured on the Voice Casting Story after being invited by the Voice to audition in New York. Khodr started to DJ to make extra money to pay for his promotion expenses. Around this time he started to manage his friends, then created his management team we know today as Top Talent. 

Top Talents initiative is to build a community that is welcoming and allows content creators to reach their largest potential as a creator, as Khodr understands very well, experiencing the struggle of being an upcoming musician.

You can stay updated on Nour Khodr here

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