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No More ‘What If?’ – Pauly Long Teaches A Present And Active Mindset




Instagram and the internet are full of people trying to sell you the secret to success for a fortune. Pauly Long knows it’s all within yourself.

The Philadelphia coach knows it is very clever to appreciate advice help and inspiration by others in life, but the essentials to happiness and success of an individual lie within.

It’s in the mindset. The quality of our thoughts dictates the quality of our feelings, actions, days, lives.

And those, we can control, much more than we do most of the times. Being present, means being aware of a thought as a thought, being able to assess where it comes from and what it’s really worth. Pauly’s MineSet program breaks deep into the elemental foundations of mindfulness, but also approaches parts such as physicality, finances and career.

In fact, his clients often follow up for his other services after completing his mind awakening bestselling Shift program. Because sometimes it still takes a little more to know where to begin the change with all this new mindset. Suddenly you realize that you’ve been stuck in a routine or a job that doesn’t serve your time being in the way it should and that you are looking for more independence or just a more abundant lifestyle.

Thoughts that a lot of clients have shared with the self-made entrepreneur. Pauly reacted to these request and offers help when it comes to financial/ credit consulting but also actually helping to build and market a brand.

Specialized on social media, the mindset coach has proved his worth in the marketing industry by building his own name and brand from scratch – and turning it into an organic community. Thousands of people follow and engage with the Philadelphia native and participate in his courses.

What if you could break out of your daily routine? Would you do it? Would you dare to try a course and see what’s within you? After following his Instagram account ( paulylong) for a while, it is very intriguing.

And it seems that his crowd is rapidly growing in the times of the pandemic and people re- assessing their lifestyles.

Ten months into business, it’s looking bright for Pauly Long and MineSet. It’ll be interesting to follow this journey.

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