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Niyah Smith Continues To Grow After Dropping Debut Single “No Kickers”




No Kickers” cultivates a nostalgic feeling with a contagious hard-hitting beat and effortless vocals. Niyah Smith and SNE reminisce about their teenage years on the record, allowing listeners to use their imagination as it builds up. 

The instrumental produced by Banks, the R&B/Trap fused vocals and the complementing bass guitar included in “No Kickers” showcase the passion within the collaborative piece. This release doesn’t limit those listening especially new fans as it’s easy to gravitate towards.

Niyah Smith is also an A&R and artist manager outside of his artist role. The A&R manager role is at 54 London records which is an imprint of Universal Music Group, is to discover and sign new talent.

The artist management side, he manages UK based singer-songwriter Shauna Shadae who does a blend of different genres like soul,r&b,reggae & dancehall just to name a few.

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