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Nightclub owner, Luke David Anderson is kicking goals




Luke is born in Victoria, Australia, a 31-year-old successful entrepreneur who is travelling and sharing his experience with upcoming entrepreneurs and give them innovative ideas on all types of problems. He invests in peoples across the globe. He has two dogs named Nala and George.

Luke moved out of home very young and negotiated with the high school to only attend 3 days a week, leaving the rest of the days to work at a retail store. He spent his spare time on his business. At the age of 13, by the day he was buying and selling cars and by the night he started DJing at local house parties. This is when he became passionate about music. Luke started his DJ business in Melbourne and moved to Whitsundays when he was 17. He says,” I love Airlie Beach and I’m passionate about it”. He used to perform gigs at local events and wedding under the brand LA Walker.

When Luke was 19, he changed the name to LA Entertainment, he said, ”Because It was no longer about me, people were jumping on board and recognising my work,” he said. Luke is the director of LA Entertainment, which provided quality entertainment to the region. Luke used his contacts to teach people about music. ”I want to educate locals that it just doesn’t have to be commercial music. There is a lot of amazing music in the world that I will strive to bring to Airlie Beach-it’s a slow process but worthwhile”, he said. Also, he stated,” My empire will be very big.”

Over the years he learnt about other businesses as well. Learnt about the building and construction industry, opened a scaffolding business. He invested in a building company, a popular local hairdressing salon, surf and clothing store and a few more. Some of them were major failures, but he never gave up. He has been personally involved in over 40 businesses by the age of 30. Luke is generating 40 million in a year in the construction and mining sector, has also invested in over 34 companies.

“I have made a lot of money and lost a lot of money. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I think that is the key to growing – to learn from your mistakes”, Luke remarked. He says,” I choose business as my way of thinking wires me to see openings and provide solutions for the market, I don’t switch off. Always on. I would rather be always on working for myself than always working for someone else”.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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