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6 Top Tips For Staying In Shape During Quarantine From Model Nathalie Dahn




You’re not doomed to gain the “quarantine 15” – the stunning model Nathalie Dahn offers her best tips for staying in shape.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to define 2020, the “quarantine 15” weight gain has become a real concern for many people who have had to quarantine or shelter in place. Gyms have been closed, comfortable daily routines have collapsed, and the anxiety caused by uncertainty is creating a new pandemic – one of comfort eating.

To beat this trend, we consulted the gorgeous model Nathalie Dahn for her top tips for staying in shape during these unprecedented times.

First thing’s first – Change your mindset

Nathalie has a passion for psychology, and as such, she’s been taking extra care to adopt the right mindset. “It’s about mind over matter – even in a quarantine,” she says. “I try to keep my mind in check by reminding myself that I am always in control of my own body, no matter what is happening around me.” She describes it as committing to becoming a better version of herself. “When you commit then you become motivated,” Nathalie adds.

Find a “new-normal” exercise routine

With the various restrictions in place and the need to socially distance, fitting in exercise has become increasingly challenging. Many people who used to attend group classes, for example, have now found themselves stuck at home and struggling to fit in workouts. “I’ve really missed rumba, soul cycle, and dance classes,” Nathalie admits. “I love the energy of other people, and music really inspires my body, mind, and soul.”

She’s had to find new ways to workout at home now and has offered a few practical tips for working out at home.

  1. Find some 10-minute exercise videos on Youtube that don’t take up too much time but can get your heart pumping and endorphins releasing.
  2. Warm-up before you start to help you ease into your workout – jumping jacks, rope skipping, or jumping on a mini-trampoline are all great options.
  3. Follow this with resistance training and bodyweight workouts, such as squats, lunges, situps, etc.
  4. Finally, cool down and do some stretches. “I like to go into a bit of yoga. It’s a nice zen spot to be in,” says Nathalie. “I like meditation, as well. It helps keeps me sane during quarantine.”
  5. Find a workout buddy to help keep you on track – a dog makes a great workout buddy because a dog often holds you more accountable than any human being ever will!
  6. Go for a walk in the park – it’s socially distant and is a great way to reconnect with nature and clear your head.

Above all, stay grounded

Nathalie emphasises that staying grounded and in touch with your own emotions and personal motivation is the biggest game-changer when it comes to staying in shape and surviving quarantine. “These circumstances haven’t been easy for anyone,” she says. “Being in quarantine means that you need to look within yourself and commit to your own self-care.”

She adds that this extends beyond just staying in shape. “It’s important to satisfy all your basic human needs, such as sleep, nutrition, and even happiness and positivity,” Nathalie says. “These are the basics you need in place to excel in everything else – your relationships, your career, and all other aspects of your life. This goes back to the first point of making a commitment – and not just a commitment to fitness but to your overall wellbeing.”

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