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Next Big Thing in Music Industry- Mixing Alfredo




Streaming Apps and their truths :

The music industry surely looks great and glorious from the outside, but things are not the same when experienced deeply. These complimentary words seem like a disgrace to music when you find out the business mindset of these streaming apps. Every app focuses on generating revenue for themselves and they don’t give a damn about artists who are putting day and night effort in it. These streaming companies treat their artists like laborers and consume all the revenue generated by the music.

For an average streaming app like Apple Music or Spotify, the revenue generated by streaming the song is divided between Platforms, music publishers, record label, and the artist. Hence, The money which new and emerging artist makes is very low because it gets to him by getting filtered through so many channels.

Mixing Alfredo enters the rap game :

Italian artist Mixing Alfredo, a Producer, Engineer, Artist, and DJ, started making his songs and covers at age 14. In Northern LA, he witnessed childhood making beats deeply influenced by the casual invigorated vibes seen in Oak Park CA uniquely. Alfredo’s mixing is highly enamored of the music because He brings a shift to the hip hop genre with his custom composed sounds and uncompromising integrity. Alfredo brings clean and beautiful music that soothes the listener’s ear.

At the age of 16, Alfredo demonstrated his free energy stream made on reasoning, and by 19 he went to the Musicians Institute and considered the specialty of recording, mixing, and dominating.

In this world of false records and shortcut ways, Alfredo selected hard work and Independence. The first mixtape of Alfredo was made under “Don’t Hate Smoke n 1/eighth” spur by PhilGood.

Passion, Hardwork, and one Epic Style- All put together:

Returning from being a craftsman, Alfredo dared his production round by zeroing in to conquer all that had been associated with music production. Independent account/watching of extraordinary abilities, such as SZA, Mac Miller, BJ The Chicago Kid, Jay Rock, The Game, Sauce Walka, and Jose Guapo, inspired the charming creation that his style could have.

Mixing Alfredo is started gaining fame and attention within the Hip Hop and Rap music genre with his unique sound, versatility, and originality.

His mission is to produce music that brings goosebumps to the listener while being infused with positivity and the power to heal the mind.

Putting All together :

The present condition of hip hop can be summed up as repetitive and lack ness of versatility. Every artist makes the same repeated tunes, beats and every album record is posting the same used content. But the hope is not lost because an artist like Mixing Alfredo has stepped into the game of hip hop and rap genre. Alfredo works around excellent old style blends, instead of the conventional low recurrence and boring vibes. Alfredo is the type of artist everyone should be supporting, you ask why?; because Alfredo is the future. By his style, passion, and hard work; Mixing Alfredo has proved that he is the Next Big Thing in the Music Industry.

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