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Musicial artist Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs shared wonderful moments over dinner with LL Cool J, to discuss music and business deal with Hennessy




Tamaskin is an artist from South Carolina, Charleston, and he’s climbing his way to the top of the music scene. His unique style takes inspiration from both pop and hip hop. With a consistent and creative approach, he has been able to grow his following day by day. His latest album, “Bonded”, is gaining traction globally and is looking to touch many listeners around the world.

It is no wonder that Tamaskin’s music has been rolling around and making all of us twirl in the tune, in fact, his multiskilled personality is making headways to reach the top and of course, Tamaskin a legend to recall. Other industries are also starting to take notice as well! Whether in modelling or handling finances, Tamaskin is way above what many people would call unique. From attending the  top award shows to sharing loving moments with world-class celebrities, tamaskin is in no way behind, living a hard-working and luxurious life. Receiving teachings from LL Cool J in his musical process, Tamaskin believes his mentorship has made him well rounded and due to that he has successfully been able to reach new heights.

From heeding all the instructions and precautions articulated by LL Cool J to sharing the peaceful moments over dinner with him, he grasped all the insight about music and how to drive his brand the most efficient and fruitful way. Even Tamaskin is on the route to make a business deal with Hennessy, as Cool J has guided him over how to grow a brand and mark an overwhelming impact among this domain.

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